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Land and boat based photo identification to compare pelage patterns on grey seals in Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire with grey seals found in Wales, Scotland, Cumbria and the Isle of Man. For this the seal must be in the water as the pelage does not look the same on a dry seal.

We are also joining the Euroseals project to establish a standard pan-European seal recording and identification record.

Land and boat based dolphin, porpoise and whale surveying. Primarily we record harbour porpoise sightings from land. We also use boat based surveys to find and photograph bottlenose dolphin and minke whales using the animals fins to help identify them against databases elsewhere.

All are welcome to join our land based watches and we will keep everyone updated on when we are going on watch and where we will be.


Seasonal project to tag the sharks found across Liverpool Bay in association with Tuskar Charters.

The primary species targeted in this project are starry and common smooth-hound sharks and tope sharks. We also tag mako, porbeagle, smooth hammerhead and thresher sharks found in the region.

We catch our sharks using rod and reel using either mackerel or crab as bait. We wait for animals to take our bait and if the animal is large enough the shark will be tagged using our plasitc dart tags supplied by the UK Shark Tagging Programme.

We can land, sample/tag and release sharks up to 2 meters TL in less than 4 minutes.




    Number Of Animals Spotted: 3
    Location: Blackpool
    Date Spotted: 06-06-2014
    Spotted By: David McGrath (via Twitter)

    Harbour Porpoise
    Number Of Animals Spotted: 1-2
    Location: Otterspool - River Mersey
    Date Spotted: 26-04-2014
    Spotted By: Garlen Saldanha