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Six kinds of gullĀ (Larus spp) can be commonly seen in Liverpool Bay, these are; Common gull, Herring gull, Mediterranean gull, Black-headed gull and the Lesser and Great black-backed gulls.
The common and herring gull look very similar, but common gulls are somewhat smaller in size with a smaller beak. The lesser and great black-backed gulls also look extremely similar, but the latter can be identified by its larger size, darker back and paler, pinker legs. The black-headed gull is one of the smaller members of the gull family, identifiable by its reddish-coloured legs. Its dark-brown (as opposed to black) head becomes a white colour during winter, with a dark spot remaining near the eye. The Mediterranean gull is slightly larger than the black-headed gull, and has a completely black head, red legs and a reddish bill with dark markings near the tip in most individuals.
The gulls weight can range from 300g (common gull) through to a whopping 2.3kg (great black-backed gull), with a wing-span ranging from 86cm (black-headed gull) to 1.67m (great black-backed gull).

Conservation Status:
IUCN status Least Concern

Where to find them:
These gulls are all common species in Liverpool Bay, with no lack of abundance around the coastline.

Gulls will eat a wide range of foods, but their diet mainly consists of small fish and invertebrates such as worms.

Did you know gulls have long, slim wings which are incredibly strong?



    Number Of Animals Spotted: 3
    Location: Blackpool
    Date Spotted: 06-06-2014
    Spotted By: David McGrath (via Twitter)

    Harbour Porpoise
    Number Of Animals Spotted: 1-2
    Location: Otterspool - River Mersey
    Date Spotted: 26-04-2014
    Spotted By: Garlen Saldanha